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Nanotechnology for entrepeneurs

Friday, July 15th, 2011

The University of Alicante and the Metal Employers Federation organized for Tuesday July 19 a day with businessmen to discuss economic strategies for economic development of nanotechnology which aims to prove the potential of nanotechnology among entrepeneurs.

Economic Strategies for the development of nanotechnology on Prezi.

Our section on nanotechnology in spanish  has been for more than 6 years the reference for nanotechnology for Latin America and Spain. Its aim is to collect the news published on our blog based on nanotechnology (this is synthesys of the new advances, research, applications, new products and policies of different countries related to nanoscience and nanothechnology).
In our database there are thousands of interesting news on nanotechnology. We encourage you to consult and become familiar with nanotechnology because this will become the most important sector in the 21st century.

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The future of generalist social networks

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

social-mediaThere’s been some buzz around the news about major foreign investment funds saying that we have to invest in social media. This is causing according to some analysts a kind of bubble that could have similarities with the one that occurred in the late nineties Social networks like Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter still don’t generate much profit and still, its valuation has been fired up over any expectation. IT&IS has invited some experts to discuss these issues.

¿Expiration, fad? If we take Myspace and its failure as an example, we can see that some Internet projects with massive success can fail if they don´t have a solid business foundation.
The business model of social webs is not clear and the costs structure is not good. It seems as if these projects were made to be sold, to capture the attention of investors, but they don’t easily reach profitability.

The large majority has never known how to establish a clear business model. They tried advertising but in this type of social networks it hasn’t worked well.
The latest data registered on Facebook users in the United States show more mature users than in the rest of the world. This shows a regressive tendency that could be an indicator of user behaviour to general social networks.

The future should belong to specialised social networks. It is logical to think that future social networks will be specialised because the advantage of these, speaking of profitability, is that social networks users would be able to interact with others of the same expertise. Specialised social networks are still new and the general ones like Facebook or Twitter would be capturing a significant share of the users.

According to what has been argued, most of the opinions are opting for the existence of a new trend that could hurt the internet sector but would also clarify the market and maybe strengthen the projects build upon a very rational cost structure (low cost) and have managed to attract demand.

Interviwing the best chefs

Monday, July 4th, 2011

ferran-adria-3-fotoMis recetas has launched a new section in which we will be interviewing some of the best chefs in the world.
We have started with the best chefs in Spain. So far, we have interviewed Ferran Adria, Martin Berasategui, Paco Torreblanca, Quico Dacosta… We will follow this section with a long list made by the best chefs in the world and the young talents that in the upcoming future will lead in the world cuisine.
The interviews will be published under the stated section where we collect a recent and exclusive interview with Ferran Adria. This interview has had a wide impact in social networks.
We managed to collect information about the new trends in the present cuisine, the future of tapas, and finally about elBulliFoundation. The interview is followed by quite a lot of photos.
As a social network specialised in cooking, food and gastronomy, Mis recetas generates highly detailed blogs, interviews, kitchen dictionaries and many online tools…

We have printed three recipe books.

Monday, June 27th, 2011

In the social network of Mis Recetas we have published 3 books for their respective authors: Penchi Brown, Gloria Pischansky and Carmen Castillo, each with 1,000 recipes. It is the recognition of  Mis recetas/Euroresidentes to people who are passionate about cooking in generosity to share their valuable knowledge through the first community of friends specializing in food, cooking and gastronomy.

  • Penchi Briones is a native of Cartagena and its 1,000 first recipes (it has now surpassed 2,000) published in Mis Recetas served to inaugurate our first book. In the interview of Penchi Briones, you can learn many things about her and her cooking skills.
  • Gloria Pischansky, lives in Texas (EEUU), but she is mexican. In her 1.000 recipe book  there is an extraordinary collection of international recipes. She loves the Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Lebanese … soon we will interview.
  • Carme Castillo, is from Cataluña and  lives in Barcelona. She’s such a perfectionist that has worked really hard at each of her recipes so they are perfectly understandable. We will also interview her very soon.


These three authors have launched a project with IT & IS (still in design) which will soon see the light: the cookbook edition of Mis Recetas users and the posibility to order it online.

Soon any user / author of Mis Recetas can edit and comercialise his recipes in a book printed on paper through the Mis Recetas online shop.

The Social Network Mis Recetas has become a leader in this sector for  users in Spain and Latin America

We are also preparing new technology, based on structured data, which will position us in the most advanced technologies currently available on the network.

Euroresidentes 7th in the ranking of unique users

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

In the ranking of unique users of OJD-Nielsen, which measures Web traffic of Spanish firms, our site achieved in the month of May 2011 the seventh position, moving up one place above in the ranking. has reached nearly 13 million unique users (12,909,752), beating a new record. We have experienced a 31.55% increase with more than three million new unique visitors.

The only sites that have managed to surpass during the month of May are: softonic, msn, marca, el mundo, terra and 20minutos. has been above many of the principal spanish media like ABC, RTVE, Tele 5, Antena 3, infojobs, etc. This has happened in a month of elections and election results where all traditional media has substantially increased web traffic.

In the month of December 2010 reached 6th place, as usual this month of the year.
Below we make a screen capture of unique users rankimg OJD-Nielsen during the month of May 2011.


IT&IS launches first online store

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Last week we launched our first online store (see Tienda Mis Recetas), which is noted as a model for the selection of quality offers (The Guardian Model) with the best suppliers in Spain. To the IT & IS group this is a first step in exploring the possibilities of electronic commerce in Spain and in the near future elsewhere.

First agreements / partnerships

The store  enters in its beta phase with two of the highest quality brands and prestige in the Spanish market: Gastrobotánica and Frial.

  • Frial, is the first Spanish brand of meat quality products concerned about healthy eating. Some of their products incorporating the most advanced technologies and patents, incorporating antioxidants and healthy development of their products.
    It is sold only at major retailers such as El Corte Ingles, Hipercor, etc..
  • Gastrobotánica, their original products come from the joint venture “Garden of Elche” and “Gastrobotánica” associated with biologist Santiago Orts and the prestigious chef Rodrigo de la Calle, Cook of the year 2011 at Madrid Fusion. Their jams and sauces of exotic products are made by hand.

Upcoming additions

From the very recent opening of our store, more of a dozen firms have shown their interest in selling online and have proposed products for inclusion in our online catalog.

In addition to that, we recall that Mis Recetas, reaches according to OJD-Nielsen a monthly traffic of over 2 million unique users / month. This is the first social network for food, gastronomy and cuisine of Spain.

Shortly we will give account of these agreements. We expect to develop into the first attractive spanish food offers online store.

(*) This project is in collaboration with Ryokan company specializing in design, electronic commerce and developments in mobile telephony.

Interested in the store: contact here.

The succes of Mi web

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

My Web is the new social network that belongs to the IT & IS group . A few months ago we announced a new phase in mi web.

The results didn’t take long in becoming noticeable. In late May Mi Web has already surpassed a quarter million unique users / month. This means it has experienced a growth of 351.6% of unique visitors over the same period last year. If we also take into account Mis Frases, Mis Chistes and Mis Sueños, the  total traffic has now reached 2.2 million unique visitors per month.

The following chart reproduces the statistics of Analytics from Mi Web un the month of May.

Unique visitor traffic to My Web Month of May 2011

The growth helps to highlight the success in the design of this social network famous in all Spanish speaking countries. Right now Mi Web’s traffic comes, apart from Spain, from countries like  Mexico, United States, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Venezuela and the entire Spanish-speaking countries.

The social network Mi Web, has several features that make it attractive in the current framework of existing social networks:

  • The page the user and the additional services that includes in relation to other existing networks.
  • The generation of a user friendly blog is automatically built through the inputs that the user enters his social activity. This is a blog of photos, texts, videos and mp3.
  • Groups such as the interaction point and tools group. Groups make one of my web sites referenced in topics.
  • It is an open network, designed to share, but developed a style option for the user of other social networks like Facebook or Tuenti.

The forecasts expected before the year comes to an end, are to reach one million unique users in its first year, after finishing the beta period. Overall, Mi Web, Mis sueños, Mis Chistes, and Mis frases, will reach, according to our forecast, 3.5 million unique users / month at the end of the year 2011. This would position the social network as one of the first Latino social and leisure networks and as the social network with more potential for growth in this geographic area. We hope to formalize partnerships and alliances with other projects wishing to promote social interactivity in  their sites.

IT&IS in Mergermarket

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Our company IT & IS has been addressed through an interview in

Mergermarket is an organizarion that provides an independant service of information on Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A). Unlike any other service of its kind, Mergermarket specializes in identifying different perspectives and provides unique information on possible future M&A transactions. This way they help their clients create value.

This is a payment service used by major financial institutions worldwide.

In August 2006, Mergermarket was aquired by the Times Financial Group,  publisher of  the Financial Times and FT group is a division of Pearson plc.

ItyIs: Spain’s 5th most visited site

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

The aggregated traffic of IT&IS websites makes it the 5th most visited site in Spain according to Nielsen and OJD stats

February 21st, 2011

Although OJD-Nielsen does not aggregate the total traffic generated by all the sites belonging to Ityis,  the two sites that are audited ( and received 12,928,444 unique users during the month of January alone. This figure places us above Terra (12,647,164) and makes us the 5th largest site in Spain with the highest number of recorded users. See the latest figures audited by OJD. (Click on the title usuario unicos to see our classification)

During January other IT&IS sites (not audited by OJD) have also obtained spectacular results. According to Analtyics the results for January in our other main sites are as follows:

  • 1,237,449 unique users
  • 2,021,640 unique users
  •  114,609 unique users
  • 296,287 unique users
  •  854,017 unique users
  • 143,401 unique users

In a separate section:

  • Gadgets, widgets, mobiles, and others: 23,381,363 unique users

Our objective for 2011 is to continue growing and according  our own team predicts that by the end of this year we  will have reached 20 million unique users without counting traffic specific to applications for mobiles, widgets, gadgets…

Our online Mis Recetas shop

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Almost four months ago we spoke about our interest in e-commerce (see IT&IS and the increase in e-commerce) in these blogs for IT&IS and announced the creation of a Director Plan aimed at making the best use of the number of visits to our sites. As a result of the Director Plan new collaborative agreements and the inclusion and development of an online shop for Mis Recetas.
The development of this new project is almost complete. It has been carried out through close collaboration between IT&IS and Ryokan, a company specializing in design, e-commerce and developments in mobile telephones. The project which is about to be launched will focus on the methodology followed by The Guardian and its online shopping areas. It will also include agreements with prestigious companies for the selection of products which will be recommended and sold by Mis recetas. Over the next few days we will be disclosing information on the first agreements and dates for the imminent opening of our Mis Recetas online shop.