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Interview with the CEO of IT&IS for the Alicante Forum of Entrepreneurs

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

The Alicante Forum of Entrepreneurs interviewed Rebecca Rippin the CEO of IT&IS: Interview with Rebecca Rippin CEO of
Our CEO talks about how Euroresidentes began 14 years ago, the creation of the group of sites ITYIS, social networks, her opinión of Facebook or Twitter, Community Manager, the future of IT&IS, user testing, etc.
In this blog we will focus on what Rebecca says about the know how of IT&IS ‘Community Carer’ in relation to Community Manager.
“We don’t like the term ‘Community Manager’ very much, we prefer to call it the ‘Community Carer’…it tries to look after its users and wants them to feel part of a community’’.
About the future:
‘We are going to go wherever our users take us’’ She is also certain that the young people of today are the best indicators of how these new technologies will develop’.
The interview was carried out by the Forum of Entrepreneurs of Alicante 2.0 – Tatjana Radolovic & Mireia Aldeguer Espinilla

Mis Recetas the web with the biggest growth in visits in 2010

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

Mis Recetas is the webpage which has experienced the biggest growth in traffic in Spain during 2010 – information taken from the 100 top sites controlled by OJD – Nielson.
The latest figures compiled by OJD-Nielson on web traffic (December 2010) show that Mis Recetas has consolidated its position as the first specialized social network in Spain with 2,923,350 unique users and has fulfilled the forecasts we made some months ago.
The evolution of the number of visitors to Mis Recetas during 2010 could not be more spectacular: from 1,035,378 unique users in January 2010 it has reached 2,976,557 in December 2010 with an increase of almost two million unique users over the last twelve months – an increase of 187.5% during this period.

Euroresidentes 6th website in Spain.

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

The latest information audited by OJD – Nielsen on web traffic (December 2010) places Euroresidentes as the 6th website with the most traffic in Spain with 12,152,140 million unique users a month – beaten only by,, el mundo, and
From January 2010 to December 2010 Euroresidentes has gone from 8,195,314 to 12.152.140 million unique users. An annual increase of approximately four million unique users during 2010. This is equivalent to an increase of 48.3%. See Evolución ratings Euroresidentes (OJD -Nielsen).
If all the sites or channels belonging to the Group ITYIS are added up (like Terra) the total amount of accumulated traffic for December 2010 would be 17.1 million unique users, a figure which places Euroresidentes as the 4th website in Spain only beaten by, y el mundo.
Also see Mis Recetas the site with the biggest growth in traffic in 2010
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The best information about the best gastronomy

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

In professional circles we have been identified as one of the best sources of information on the best gastronomy ‘Lo Mejor de la Gastronomía 2010’, an event which recently took place in IFA – Alicante. The information was published on our sites – and mis recetas.
In order to achieve the desired output of information on this annual event we created the blog”Crónicas desde Lo Mejor de la Gastronomía“ in which the reader could obtain information gathered from workshops, presentations, visits to stands, interviews, surveys etc.
An indicator on the amount of information we gathered are the 1,200 photographs (see Flickr Cronicagastronomia) taken of different activities during Lo mejor de la gastronomía 2010, in fact many chefs and professionals have asked us to send them our photographs and even Ferrán Adrià said that they were ‘brilliant’ and thanked us personally.
Joan Roca, Santiago Orts, Rodrigo de la Calle (Gastrobotánica) are also amongst those that have thanked us. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who has cooperated with us on this project and offered us help.
Also a big thanks to our collaborator and for his graphic report of VCrown.

Mis Tiendas in the social network

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

The huge increase in internet shopping has led us to develop a new service for users of our social network Mis Recetas – Mis tiendas (see shopping sites ).
With a format very similar to Places to eat well, makes it possible for its 1.5 million unique users a month to identify and share interesting places for shopping: delicatessens, bakers, cake shops, fish mongers, butchers, wine shops etc.
With this new function our social network reinforces its presence in the food and commercial distribution sector.
We would like to take this opportunity to remind people that Mis Recetas is the leading social network specializing in Food, Cuisine and Gastronomy in Spain (see figures OJD Mis Recetas) which at the end of December 2010 received more than 3 million unique users a month.

Euroresidentes surpasses more than 11 million unique users in October

Friday, November 12th, 2010

Despite OJD Interactive recognizing faults in the calculation of figures for more than a week at a time our website surpassed 11 million unique users in the month of October (see OJD-Nielsen interactive – Euroresidentes), this is almost 400,000 more than figures for the previous month. This consolidates its 8th position in the unique users ranking in Spain. In fact, has seen the biggest growth (+3.64%) in the information and news sector excluding the television channel In January 2010, figures show that had 8,195,314 unique users.
For its part the social network for food, cuisine and gastronomy Mis Recetas ( occupies 50th position in the same national ranking. With 1,760,507 unique users (see OJD-Nielsen Mis Recetas) it is very near other well known national sites in Spain (such as la Guía Repsol, el Periódico de Cataluña, el Futbol Club Barcelona…). Mis Recetas recieved more than a million unique users in January 2010 (1,035,378). Its growth has made it the most important site in its category during 2010.  We forecast that this will be a triumphant year for both the site and social network (average users are over the age of 35 years old).
ITYIS owns other sites which receive more than a million unique users a month like and although these are not audited by OJD–Nielson. All together its social networks have more than 2.5 million unique users.

Integrating social networks

Friday, November 5th, 2010

Is it better to maintain various social networks or integrate them in a single network which includes them? Answering this question is almost the same as answering the question whether Facebook is better or its potential sections or whether it would be better to develop specialized social networks apart from Facebook…We are not going to discuss this subject although we are in favour of the later.
At ITYIS we are working at making the autonomy of specialized social networks compatible with the wider integration of social networks with subjects that have something in common.
Currently we are testing two ways. We are finding the methodology of user testing very useful.

  • The integration of two autonomous social networks which have been set up using the same methodology: this is the case with Mis Recetas ( and Mis Vinos (
  • The development of a social network within another existing social network. This is the case with the social network Guía para comer bien. which has been created within the framework of Mis-Recetas.

In both cases the integration of the social networks mentioned above has produced valuable synergies. Especially with Mis-Recetas because of the high level of traffic which reached almost 3 million unique users a month by the end of December 2010 (see OJD-Nielsen tráfico Mis Recetas) being the first specialized social network in the Hispanic speaking world. In addition the rapid growth of Mis Vinos and our Guide to places where you can eat well is very interesting.
Apart from solving technical problems (register, databases etc.) the subject contains interesting components relating to users and its capacity to produce diverse synergies. More information will follow.