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Mis Recetas the web with the biggest growth in visits in 2010

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

Mis Recetas is the webpage which has experienced the biggest growth in traffic in Spain during 2010 – information taken from the 100 top sites controlled by OJD – Nielson.
The latest figures compiled by OJD-Nielson on web traffic (December 2010) show that Mis Recetas has consolidated its position as the first specialized social network in Spain with 2,923,350 unique users and has fulfilled the forecasts we made some months ago.
The evolution of the number of visitors to Mis Recetas during 2010 could not be more spectacular: from 1,035,378 unique users in January 2010 it has reached 2,976,557 in December 2010 with an increase of almost two million unique users over the last twelve months – an increase of 187.5% during this period.

Euroresidentes 6th website in Spain.

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

The latest information audited by OJD – Nielsen on web traffic (December 2010) places Euroresidentes as the 6th website with the most traffic in Spain with 12,152,140 million unique users a month – beaten only by,, el mundo, and
From January 2010 to December 2010 Euroresidentes has gone from 8,195,314 to 12.152.140 million unique users. An annual increase of approximately four million unique users during 2010. This is equivalent to an increase of 48.3%. See Evolución ratings Euroresidentes (OJD -Nielsen).
If all the sites or channels belonging to the Group ITYIS are added up (like Terra) the total amount of accumulated traffic for December 2010 would be 17.1 million unique users, a figure which places Euroresidentes as the 4th website in Spain only beaten by, y el mundo.
Also see Mis Recetas the site with the biggest growth in traffic in 2010
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