Integrating social networks

Is it better to maintain various social networks or integrate them in a single network which includes them? Answering this question is almost the same as answering the question whether Facebook is better or its potential sections or whether it would be better to develop specialized social networks apart from Facebook…We are not going to discuss this subject although we are in favour of the later.
At ITYIS we are working at making the autonomy of specialized social networks compatible with the wider integration of social networks with subjects that have something in common.
Currently we are testing two ways. We are finding the methodology of user testing very useful.

  • The integration of two autonomous social networks which have been set up using the same methodology: this is the case with Mis Recetas ( and Mis Vinos (
  • The development of a social network within another existing social network. This is the case with the social network Guía para comer bien. which has been created within the framework of Mis-Recetas.

In both cases the integration of the social networks mentioned above has produced valuable synergies. Especially with Mis-Recetas because of the high level of traffic which reached almost 3 million unique users a month by the end of December 2010 (see OJD-Nielsen tráfico Mis Recetas) being the first specialized social network in the Hispanic speaking world. In addition the rapid growth of Mis Vinos and our Guide to places where you can eat well is very interesting.
Apart from solving technical problems (register, databases etc.) the subject contains interesting components relating to users and its capacity to produce diverse synergies. More information will follow.

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