The succes of Mi web

My Web is the new social network that belongs to the IT & IS group . A few months ago we announced a new phase in mi web.

The results didn’t take long in becoming noticeable. In late May Mi Web has already surpassed a quarter million unique users / month. This means it has experienced a growth of 351.6% of unique visitors over the same period last year. If we also take into account Mis Frases, Mis Chistes and Mis Sueños, the  total traffic has now reached 2.2 million unique visitors per month.

The following chart reproduces the statistics of Analytics from Mi Web un the month of May.

Unique visitor traffic to My Web Month of May 2011

The growth helps to highlight the success in the design of this social network famous in all Spanish speaking countries. Right now Mi Web’s traffic comes, apart from Spain, from countries like  Mexico, United States, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Venezuela and the entire Spanish-speaking countries.

The social network Mi Web, has several features that make it attractive in the current framework of existing social networks:

  • The page the user and the additional services that includes in relation to other existing networks.
  • The generation of a user friendly blog is automatically built through the inputs that the user enters his social activity. This is a blog of photos, texts, videos and mp3.
  • Groups such as the interaction point and tools group. Groups make one of my web sites referenced in topics.
  • It is an open network, designed to share, but developed a style option for the user of other social networks like Facebook or Tuenti.

The forecasts expected before the year comes to an end, are to reach one million unique users in its first year, after finishing the beta period. Overall, Mi Web, Mis sueños, Mis Chistes, and Mis frases, will reach, according to our forecast, 3.5 million unique users / month at the end of the year 2011. This would position the social network as one of the first Latino social and leisure networks and as the social network with more potential for growth in this geographic area. We hope to formalize partnerships and alliances with other projects wishing to promote social interactivity in  their sites.

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