IT&IS launches first online store

Last week we launched our first online store (see Tienda Mis Recetas), which is noted as a model for the selection of quality offers (The Guardian Model) with the best suppliers in Spain. To the IT & IS group this is a first step in exploring the possibilities of electronic commerce in Spain and in the near future elsewhere.

First agreements / partnerships

The store  enters in its beta phase with two of the highest quality brands and prestige in the Spanish market: Gastrobotánica and Frial.

  • Frial, is the first Spanish brand of meat quality products concerned about healthy eating. Some of their products incorporating the most advanced technologies and patents, incorporating antioxidants and healthy development of their products.
    It is sold only at major retailers such as El Corte Ingles, Hipercor, etc..
  • Gastrobotánica, their original products come from the joint venture “Garden of Elche” and “Gastrobotánica” associated with biologist Santiago Orts and the prestigious chef Rodrigo de la Calle, Cook of the year 2011 at Madrid Fusion. Their jams and sauces of exotic products are made by hand.

Upcoming additions

From the very recent opening of our store, more of a dozen firms have shown their interest in selling online and have proposed products for inclusion in our online catalog.

In addition to that, we recall that Mis Recetas, reaches according to OJD-Nielsen a monthly traffic of over 2 million unique users / month. This is the first social network for food, gastronomy and cuisine of Spain.

Shortly we will give account of these agreements. We expect to develop into the first attractive spanish food offers online store.

(*) This project is in collaboration with Ryokan company specializing in design, electronic commerce and developments in mobile telephony.

Interested in the store: contact here.

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