Euroresidentes 7th in the ranking of unique users

In the ranking of unique users of OJD-Nielsen, which measures Web traffic of Spanish firms, our site achieved in the month of May 2011 the seventh position, moving up one place above in the ranking. has reached nearly 13 million unique users (12,909,752), beating a new record. We have experienced a 31.55% increase with more than three million new unique visitors.

The only sites that have managed to surpass during the month of May are: softonic, msn, marca, el mundo, terra and 20minutos. has been above many of the principal spanish media like ABC, RTVE, Tele 5, Antena 3, infojobs, etc. This has happened in a month of elections and election results where all traditional media has substantially increased web traffic.

In the month of December 2010 reached 6th place, as usual this month of the year.
Below we make a screen capture of unique users rankimg OJD-Nielsen during the month of May 2011.


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